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“Jenny has a complete blend of creativity, technical expertise and efficiency.  She interpreted my website requirements perfectly and built the website with the minimum of fuss, explained what was needed to improve its effectiveness and helped me understand the process all the way through.  I am delighted with how and what Jenny has produced.”


Mark needed a website to reflect the professional services that he offers to executives, leaders and aspiring leaders. Here’s the process that we followed to create his website:

discovery call

We started with a discovery call in which Mark gave me some ideas of how he wanted to be perceived through his website and some examples of websites that he liked or disliked.

initial website design

After the discovery call I created the initial website design for Mark’s approval. This followed the themes from his logo and the colours that he connected with, whilst also giving a professional and approachable theme.

website creation

Once the design was approved, the website was created and populated with content provided by Mark and edited by me. In addition to the content provided about Spiritus CC and their clients, the website creation included a contact form and cookies popup.

instructions and support

Once the website was completed, a brief training session and instructions were provided to Mark so that he can keep the site updated himself if he chooses to.

how long did it take?

The whole process from discovery call to website going live and training being completed took less than a month.

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