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Web Design & Training: Roz Physio & Pilates

Roz is a Chartered Physiotherapist, with experience in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy and post-graduate training in Mat Pilates by the APPI. With a growing client base and an increasing number of Pilates classes, Roz wanted to establish a website. She was keen to use her own technical capabilities in order to minimise the cost of the website so she opted for the web design & training route.

Web Design & Training

With a limited budget, one of the best ways to create a website is to add most of the content yourself. We set up the website for Roz and created the first few pages. Then we got together with Roz to provide bespoke training on how to add her own content. During this training we populated the site that we had created so that Roz walked away with a fully functioning website and knowledge of how to update it herself.

Online booking and membership

Since the site was built, Roz has sought our advice as she has expanded the site. She has worked to expand the website to include online booking, online forms and a membership package to access Pilates videos.

The website was built in Wordpress with a content management system that Roz can use to build upon the basics. We are able to provide ongoing advice and support to help you develop and grow your website as you require.