ongoing website management: Melita Fitness

Chris from Melita Fitness was struggling to cope with the quantity of spam that she was receiving through her website when she got in touch. We made a few changes to fix the spam problems and moved on to looking into other areas of the website performance. Within the ongoing website management, we help with any requested amends as well as making sure that the site is stable and can be found by search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation

The website was not being shown in search engines due to the way that the site had been configured when it was built. We amended some settings, installed appropriate plugins and schema markup, and made recommendations for tasks to be carried out online. Shortly afterwards the site was able to be found easily in search engines and had quickly attracted new clients to join the fantastic Melita Fitness.

Ongoing website management

Each month, we make sure that the website is up to date and secure to:

  • improve speed and user experience
  • increase the search engine optimisation (SEO) performance
  • minimise the risk of hacking activity

In addition to this, any amends or additions to the website content are made as requested. For example:

  • timetable amends
  • navigation structure
  • link tree alternative
  • landing pages for campaigns

Ongoing website management: Melita Fitness

Melita Fitness are a health and fitness company in the Guildford area focused on helping mums feel confident in their own bodies.

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